Testimonials and Course Feedback

High Esteem Organisations: We asked lifecollege to design us a one day event which re-committed our workforce, ensuring we all made the most of ourselves, our company and our opportunities. The result was an outstanding event, jointly facilitiated after careful pre-training of our senior people, which delivered then and continues to deliver now, months on. A great investment, by far the best we have ever made. Every organisation, private or public, should discuss their potential and the future with lifecollege right now. Delay is costing you more than you know - we know because the experts at lifecollege showed us both why and how. John Wildman, BMW UK

Career Development for Senior Staff: “I recommend everyone should attend this course and its associated coaching. Lifecollege gave me encouragement, clarity, skills, self-esteem and great confidence. Michael Hickson, National Trust

Beyond Team Leadership: “There were significant challenges and a lot of fun. The diversity allowed all in our team to shine - some when they did not expect to and when we did not expect them to. You have a brilliant product here. Thank you!” Bob Brown, Director, British Publishing Company Ltd.

Vision, Tactics and Strategies: “We had only a small Senior Team development budget and we asked a lot of lifecollege. We had a fabulous experience, learned so much and are now exactly where we want to be - moving into our new future. Thank you!”. Mike James, Director, St Petrock’s Centre, Exeter.

Strategic Leadership – Leading Managers: I thought I knew leadership until we experienced Lifecollege. I was hoping for some clarity and perhaps a change in awareness with some tools and skills, but now my life and how I work will have to be very different.” HR Director, Toshiba UK

Executive Coaching and the Leadership Crucible: The time I spend with lifecollege - the phone calls, the support, are all worth 100 times what you invoice me for.  Thank you for all the guidance, inspiration and ideas you give me. I value your skills probably more than you will ever realise. ”  Dominic Goodale, MD, Dancor Acoustics Ltd.

Motivation and Leadership: "I’m absolutely stunned. I cannot believe such a series of events could happen. The perfection of the process and outcomes has transformed the group I work with - even the most challenging member of staff smiled!” Ivor Jones, Caradon District Council

Sustainable Development in an Emerging Economy: Working overseas is a particular ability and strategic and tactical insights, of relevance, are rare. The learning programmes created by Ian Lewis of lifecollege and delivered in Romania, Malawi and Bulgaria, closely followed the changing and emerging needs of the senior teams, ensuring very practical relevance at every stage in organisational development. We now feel much more confident our investments in these countries are in good hands. Peter Kyle, Director, World Bank.

Values, Strategy and Leadership: This review set our direction and operational systems in place. It was a great belt and braces approach which we were very uncertain of – it dug very deep into out motivation and methods. Now, a year on it has been rolled out to six continents and 88 countries with continuing success. Professor Sampatkumar, UNESCO

Strategic planning and development:  working with the board coaching prior to implementation of coaching and training throughout the company, Graphik Dimensions....The facilitation, mentoring and coaching of board members and senior managers undertaken by Ian of Lifecollege.org, moved our senior people through vision creation to vision realization and implementation strategies. Lifecollege are well worth the investment – every idea is focused on key outputs and either saves money or makes money. Mark Maidment, Steve Head, Serco FM PLC

Organizational Development – Creating a customer orientation: “This Lifecollege programme was developed to meet our need for a more flexible, customer orientated workforce. Our people, with embedded traditions of technical expertise and poor customer empathy were dealt a swift, efficient and excellent value lesson by Lifecollege, especially given the degree of change required. We eventually rolled out the programme to the whole workforce – MD and receptionists included. Jackie Platt, HRD Director, The Environment Agency

Women into Management: Recognising the relative difficulties experienced by women in accessing management positions, Lifecollege.org initiated a programme comprising modular learning, coaching and mentoring of leadership and management skills. Drawing on both National Occupational Standard and experiencial learning strategies we provided support, confidence and expertise in applying existing and learning the relevant skills and understandings needed to thrive. Four hundred women undertook the programme before it was rolled out, with the help of Cambridge University, and funded by us, to a wider audience across the UK. Alison Boyer, SW LSC.

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