Lifecollege Coaching is dramatically different.

It is so different we have two approaches which will ensure you reach where you want to be (whether you know at the onset or not) in ther shortest possible time. 

'Pipossibility Coaching'
moves with the energy and potential of the moment - in you and in what you wish to achieve;

'Power Coaching' 
is both Executive Coaching + Mentoring AND will work with you on your holistic life-work integration, ensuring much more than merely attempting to balance work/life needs. Focus may be leadership, management, courage, time-management, personal success, managing stress & motivation.

Here we offer further information on these successful individual coaching approaches which influence organisations, too!

What is Pipossibility Coaching?

This coaching method moves away from thinking and head based processes to working with the energy present now. We do not focus on problems and issues but work beyond them to the possibility and potential they point to. From there, clarity is found as the energy is followed and interacted with.

The big difference between Pipossibility coaching and traditional coaching is that it doesn't have to take a long time to see results. All that's needed from you is to step into a new possibility and choose life.

My recommendation is to book 3 sessions so if you’re new to working in this way you get used to using exercises and practising in between sessions with the help of support from your coach during the process. Top up sessions after a few months, if needed, can always be booked at any time.

A Rave Review for Pipossibility

“I was completely stuck on a writing project so I decided to book a coaching session with Pip. Before we started I was caught up in purely logical analysis of my challenge. During the session, she patiently guided me beyond this so I was able to experience the actual energy of my project – quite amazing! There I could see, hear and feel a much bigger perspective. For the first time I could see the wider significance of my work and its connection to the world at large. Pip’s style was as if she was accompanying me on a great adventure and sharing my enthusiasm. The session was a tremendous boost to my motivation. Now I’m not stuck anymore and I’m making good progress. I can also re-connect with the energy anytime I need to – many thanks Pip.”

Trevor Hill, coach and founder of “Inspiration At Work”

Investment: £295 for three sessions – they may vary in time – approx. one hour per session but some can be longer or shorter. Any unneeded sessions can be refunded. To book your sessions now, click the Pay Pal button opposite. Questions? Go to Contact Me.

Here are some results achieved to date through Pipossibility Coaching:

Health: A debilitating illness suffered over many years - one session - gone

Personal: The true nature and true self was locked away so firmly and for a lifetime - all freed up – three sessions and now helping others in similar situations.

Panic attacks: In the wrong career - from stuck to unleashed and clear “the sessions were life changing”. Two sessions.

Stuck and frustrated: Unable to play guitar in public - moved to forming a band and playing regularly. Two sessions

Allergies: Unable to leave the house in pollen season to freedom to live life. One session

Business: Working with the business as an energy/entity in its own right and both facilitating/creating new businesses and working with existing businesses and the relationships with the stakeholders, customers, and suppliers. For example we've worked for some time now with Graphik Dimensions -- see their videos below to get a sense of the what's possible in the work that we do.

Questions? Ask me here.  Or sign up for your Pipossibility sessions right now!

What is Power Coaching?

Power Coaching was developed by Ian Lewis (who is responsible for leadership development and coaching/mentoring leaders) to support success in a fast, complex, often but not always executive, world. Since his role encompasses organisational development, motivation, tactical and strategic development, progression planning and change management Ian knows time, speed and effectiveness are of the essence.

Through the use of action-templates completed by the client during initial face/face, phone & email progression and support,  lives change and the right futures evolve whilst maintaining and enhancing performance. We expect success within three sessions (or less), but exceptional people often ask for more so lives become fully integrated, complete, easier and fulfilled. 

A signature of this work is that the emphasis can be on what you wish it to be at any time - your life, your work, your organisation, your family, friends, future, success, retirement, change, colleagues....your choice, our experience and expertise.

Who has said what:
“Ian, On behalf of Ringmead Medical practice, can I say a huge thank you for your coaching & facilitation - really very very useful. We are now charged up and enthusiastic, with a willingness to make a change and hence a difference! You truly are a remarkable and highly skilled individual, and have added enormously to the success of our Practice” Dr Anant Sashdev

“Ian is true and to the point and he will bring out the best in you. He is a joy to be around. He lights up life. I cannot recommend Ian too highly.” Jane MacAllister Dukes, Co-Founder, the Evolutionary Network.

“Ian, the time I spend with you, the phone calls, the support, are all worth 100 times the invoiced amount.  That’s cash flow in a very rapidly expanding business – expansion which is the gift you deliver).  It is just great to know lifecollege is here for us. I just wanted to text you for a change and say thank you for all you give me. I value you probably more than you will ever realise so thank you.” Dominic Goodale, MD, Dancor Acoustics ltd.,

Strategic planning and development with directors: “The facilitation, mentoring and coaching of board members and senior managers undertaken by Ian of, moved our senior people through vision creation to vision realization and implementation strategies. Lifecollege are well worth the investment – every idea is focused on key outputs and either saves money or makes money. Mark Maidment, Steve Head, Serco FM PLC

Sustainable Development in an Emerging Economy: Working overseas is a particular ability where strategic and tactical insights, of relevance, are rare. The learning programmes created by Lifecollege and delivered in Romania, Malawi and Bulgaria, closely followed the changing and emerging needs of the senior teams, ensuring very practical relevance at every stage. We now feel much more confident our investments in these countries are in good hands. Peter Kyle, Legal Director, The World Bank.

Vision, Tactics and Strategies: “We had only a small Senior Team development budget and we asked a lot of lifecollege. We had a fabulous experience, learned so much and are now exactly where we want to be - moving into our new future. Thank you!”. Mike Blakey, Director, St Petrock’s Centre, Exeter.

Strategic Leadership – Leading Managers: I thought I knew leadership until we experienced Lifecollege. I was hoping for some clarity and perhaps a change in awareness with some tools and skills, but now my life and how I work will have to be very different.” Personnel Director, Toshiba UK

Values, Strategy and Leadership: This review set our direction and operational systems in place. It was a great belt and braces approach which we were very uncertain of – it dug very deep into our motivation and methods. Now, a year on it has been rolled out to six continents and 88 countries with continuing success. Professor Sampatkumar, UNESCO