Contact us for a great future: 'Excellence in Leadership'. This packed programme covers the development of confidence and courage, how to realise self-leadership potential and increase personal and organisational creativity. By keeping your senior people free to think, through excellence in goal setting, project leadership, time management, developing others, delegation, applying leadership to all management situations, you will return many-fold what you invest, year after year after year. Contact Ian now for further details and/or to discuss your situation and opportunities.

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'When the best rulers achieve their purpose, their subjects claim the achievement as their own'.  Lao Tzu, 'Give me a place to stand and I shall change the world'…..etc,, etc. We know and we deliver them into your skills bank in an accessible, usable form through experiencial learning, coaching and mentoring with full certification from ILM - The Institute of Leadership and Managment.

We all have our favourite leadership quotes, but the leadership role is a personal one...yours is the one we work with when you join our Leadership Development Programme.  If you want a colleague or a team to join, it is their personal leadership we will work with. 

Who should lead? Who should stand?

Look for people that demonstrate ability and commitment – people who ARE movers and shakers, not those who say they can be or who were. Of course they have made a practical contribution to civil society through voluntary, social or community organisations. Of course they challenge current thinking, show bravery/courage/resilience and innovation in actions and pioneer positive change in our demanding evolving world. The rest are followers.

These people use their expertise and enthusiasm to participate in wider work – taking the initiative, showing flair and giving benefit to organisations, communities and networks, by their generosity in sharing ideas and resources, paid and unpaid. 

These people are fully involved because they are driven by their evolving visions.

The Middle Management Brake – over-caution, safeguarding self, not pioneering opportunity, budget or ROI; using risk as an excuse or brake not accelerator and motivator.

When Pink re-wrote the book of motivation, debunking Maslow's Hierarchy and MacGregor's X Y Theory and placing them in the past when other motivators reigned, he was leading and he showed how leadership would motivate in the foreseeable future.  His Autonomy, Mastery & Making a Difference motivators are central to our modern leadership programme, as are vision, courage & empowerment.

If you want to experience an unusually energising programme of self-development, of you feel it would benefit someone you know, contact us now for more information and a programme content & timetable..

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