With over 40 years in Team Development, lifecollege has a great span of experience to bring to focus on your team.

We create courses, events and experiences which support you in achieving your aims be they creating a mixed indoor/outdoor challenge, enjoying an away-day, something competitive or non-competitive, a mental. social or physical challenge or to chill out away from the normal operating environment.  Single or several days, on your premises, a site near you, on ours sites (woods, moors, ocean, city or mountains), in a spectacular setting or overseas we have the experience.  We even have a series of events using interactive web experiences!

Teamwork Breakfast - Near You?

We always talk, and when needed work, with you to ensure your needs are directly and completely  satisfied (we normally hugely exceed your team  needs, wants and desires).

Whether your needs are in the general 'this team needs to work well' or is more specific - motivation, communication, leadership, initiative, confidence, creativity, etc., we will deliver the experience that delivers the return.

Our 'BeyondTeams' programme is rather a special event....

Options include comfort level from five star to survival, fully equipped provision or working with your own, travel included, arrive yourselves or we come to you and brilliant programmed experiences which build teams over time.

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For teams which need to build right now we have immediate options - the greater the delay, the greater the cost. For teams further afield we can work with you wherever on the globe and linking with pre-existing events to save travel and other costs.

We also have programmes which include a mix of other learning opportunities within a team experience. This is an opportunity for a special integration either of a culture change or an awareness.  Motivation, Leadership, Coaching, Mentoring, Presenting, Problem-solving, Scenario-Planning, Self-Development and Culture-Change are all examples of activities which fit the LifecollegeTeams special integration opportunity, and there are many more. We particularly recommend the integration of a 360, an Empathy Styles or a Personal Awareness Review

For your copy of The Theory and Practice of Excellence in Effective Team Building, the price of which will be refunded when you contact us about your team development needs, please follow these instructions...

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