Lifecollege offers three forms of coaching - Power CoachingBusiness & Personal Coaching,                        Coaching with Energy

All are offered worldwide through face:face, phone or web-based sessions and programmes.

We also offer high impact group interventions which may lower your cost with additional benefits.

Now in 65 countries...and growing!

Power Coaching is a short, powerful programme for those with little time and urgent need, typically executives facing change, life-changing events and longer term challenges. It will focus directly on your immediate needs using tools with immediate effect. They will leave you empowered, able to move forward through clarity, choice, decision and self-knowledge with high discrimination - linked to new insight and clarified plans.

"The people at Lifecollege delivered our great present and planned our amazing future with their training and coaching for our already very able workforce. These are truly inspirational and creative people. What was needed in these thrilling, challenging and opportunistic times was something special and they did this through their 'Power Coaching' Programme. Since working with them our people and I have never needed anyone else. We are now looking forwards to a great 2015 " Dominic Goodale, Managing Director, The Dancor Group."

Business & Personal Coaching confirms the value of high quality coaching for change and progression in organisations and life.  Using all the powerful tools of  personal change, including the LifeQuest folio, we offer an intervention of high impact, whether a single session or a programme of evolution over weeks or months.

"Lifecollege are a group of remarkably inspirational people. Our team problem/opportunity/possibility was long-standing and challenging.  Lifecollege came in and delivered instant, highly professional impact.  They used both well tried and new methods fully integrated to focus on our demanding issues - such that we really found our solutions fast, and they left us empowered and confident, too.  We now use them for our whole team as an induction must-do." Bob Brown, British Printing Company.

Coaching with Energyis a coaching method which moves away from thinking and head based processes to working with the energy of the moment and what wants to happen. We do not focus on “problems and issues” but work beyond them to the possibility and potential they point to. From there clarity is found as the energy is followed and interacted with.

A first session may take up to two hours and may be the only session needed. Clients then may return on an “as needed” basis when the noticing of a problem or uncomfortableness in life indicates that an energy session will help.

My recommendation is to book three sessions so, if you are new to working in this way, you get used to using exercises and ways of being to keep moving with the energy of what wants to happen in the moment and have the benefit of a coach during that process.

 "I was completely stuck on a writing project so I decided to book a coaching session with Pip. Before we started I was caught up in purely logical analysis of my challenge. During the session, she patiently guided me beyond this so I was able to experience the actual energy of my project – quite amazing!

 There I could see, hear and feel a much bigger perspective. For the first time I could see the wider significance of my work and its connection to the world at large. Pip’s style was as if she was accompanying me on a great adventure and sharing my enthusiasm.  

The session was a tremendous boost to my motivation. Now I’m not stuck anymore and I’m making good progress. I can also re-connect with the energy anytime I need to – many thanks Pip"                                                                                                                 Trevor Hill, coach and founder of “Inspiration At Work” 

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Two Value Training….
To value training, coaching and mentorship as they should be valued….is to know that truly great learning experiences always have both a skill (the vehicle) and an area of application (the load) fully embedded within the offered program.
In technical areas the vehicle and the load may be the same, but this is only valuable in technical areas. In all other areas it is not good practice to settle for the vehicle alone when one may have both vehicle and load for the same price., of course, always delivers both. 

For instance, in one of our showcase programs – Presenting Excellence – we ensure all practice presentations are focused on the current real needs of our clients/participants. Thus the time/cost investment maximises the learning/practice of presentation skills as well as ensuring the purpose and vision for which the program is required are also learnt and honed. 

Where individuals attend for their own investment – whether for work or for life (or both), we encourage participants to work on their own visions and progression ensuring this special focus leads to clarity, decision and confidence.
As with our ‘Presenting Excellence’ program, so too with ‘Beyond Teams’, ‘Championing Champions’, ‘The Leadership Crucible’, ‘Empathy Selling’ and ‘Project Brilliance’, in addition to learning and practicing the most up-to-date special skills, our trainers, coaches, mentors and presenters will strongly support the double-value ROI especially offered through 

So, get the most from your investment. Talk to about where you want (yourself and your people) to get to through your learning experience. Interestingly, we are happy to certificate both if sufficient progress has been made, too!